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The flat is also located :

- a few hundred meters from the Museum of the International Scouting,
(Site of the Museum, click here)
- near to the city center of Arlon, country seat of the province of Luxembourg,
( Site of the Tourist information office of the city, click here) or, to visit our city in another way
(click here)
- in the middle of Belgian Lorraine and of its marked out forested tracks,
- on the cycling circuit of the BELAREL,
(information on circuit, click here)
- 30 km from Luxembourg-city (Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg),
(to discover that nice country, click ici)
-40 km from Bastogne,
(to discover this centre of the memory of war 40-45, click here)
- 42 km from Orval,

- 80 km from Bouillon,
(to discover the medieval city, click here)
- 125 km from Li├Ęge,
- 130 km from Namur,
- 200 km from Brussels.